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Account Pro

Account Pro has been developed with the main objectives of ease of use and minimizing work effort associated with accounting. Much emphasis has been put on user-friendliness, easy on-screen accessibility of all reports and processing speed.

With the goal to increase the benefit associated with the keeping of accounting records, Account Pro has also been equipped with all necessary capabilities allowing its use as an efficient financial planning and controlling tool. These capabilities distinguish Account Pro significantly from programs that serve the sole
purpose of keeping records of historical data.

Account Pro is equally suitable for business applications, for the accounts of institutions, associations and clubs, and for private use.

The program has evolved out of a DOS program, which had emerged in 1990. Mainly based on user-feedback, numerous enhancements and improvements were introduced into the code since that time. However, nothing is ever perfect.
Therefore, all Account Pro users are still encouraged to provide feedback to the author. Any suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

Download the user-manuel the manuel here.

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